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Hi Ho Chop Suey Chinese Restaurant

Hi Ho Chop Suey Chinese Restaurant


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611 W. McKinley Avenue
Mishawaka , IN 46545

Mon. 10:00amto 9:00pm
Tues. 10:00amto 9:00pm
Wed. 10:00amto 9:00pm
Thur. 10:00amto 9:00pm
Fri. 10:00amto 10:00pm
Sat. 10:00amto 10:00pm
Sun. 10:00amto 8:30pm

SeatingOpen late
Serve AlcoholParking
Accepts Credit CardsHandicap accessible
Romantic Date

Ownership: Independent

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Special Directions:
Located by Gates Chevy World and Town and Country Shopping Center...

Has been around for many, many years... My mom and grandmother loved eating there...

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Chance Correll
Their fare is absolutely amazing. The end. Done. You come here, and all your other fave places go away. I know, you're thinking not better than OG, not better than Hibachi, sure ain't better than my hole in the wall joint... Yes, it is. Hi Ho is ten times better than my best find, and I know food, folks. I'm a fat man with a purpose. Even the hot and sour is... I gave some to my mate, she said "oh good *expletive deleted* God" High praise, indeed. Try the egg foo young, you'll be amazed. Hole in the side of the street. No account little place. Why has it been here so long? It's AWESOME!

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