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Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon
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54533 Terrace
South Bend , IN 46635

(574) 271-8899 (574) 271-8200

Mon. 11:00amto 10:30pm
Tues. 11:00amto 10:30pm
Wed. 11:00amto 10:30pm
Thur. 11:00amto 10:30pm
Fri. 11:00amto 11:00pm
Sat. 11:00amto 11:00pm
Sun. 12:00pmto 10:30pm

SeatingOpen late
DeliverVegetarian friendly
Parking Accepts Credit Cards

Ownership: Independent

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No daily specials entered yet.

Special Directions:
In the Building at the corner of State Road 23 and Ironwood

A great little take out place that has a faily large delivery area. Check out the lunch specials

Restaruant Owned By:
Scott Mangus
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Commenter reviewer pictureTons of food!
You get tons of great food! Oh and they have great tofu dishes!
Commenter reviewer pictureTHERE ARE OTHER PLACES IN TOWN
This restaurant has screwed up my order several times, especially tonight, with no apology or offer or refund. The manager has a combative attitude and very often orders were late. Because they were the only Chinese restaurant that delivered, I put up with this for a long time, but now I am done. Aside from the food being greasy and the portions becoming increasingly smaller, I can't complain.
Commenter reviewer pictureTERRIBLE!!!
I would NEVER EVER eat there again after the series of events thats happened within the last 3 months, first of let me start by saying, a year or 2 ago, the food was awesome, never late, never wrong and the portions were large. When they "merged" or whatever they did to where they added the new location with buffet things went sour, my boyfriend and myself along with several other people went there for lunch one afternoon, we were the only ones there and the buffet was not fresh, and only had 3 or 4 items on buffet, they requested that I tell them what I want so they could make it, to cut down on waste, which was annoying, but I was okay with that. When I went to grab my 2nd plate, there was not only 1 but 2 bugs crawling on the plate and one on the buffet (on the kitchen side), I pointed it out to the "manager" or whoever was working he smashed it and wiped it off without even flinching, needless to say, I was done eating after that. The next time I went decided to order through the drive-thru, which I thought would cut time, it took them 25 minutes to bring out my order, which wasn't even what I ordered they even expected me to pay for their mess up, when I refused they hurried me a new order and sent me on my way (to work) when I got to work, I sat down to eat I opened my box, not only was it half full, their was a short black coarse hair inside the rice, not just laying on top. When I called to complain the manager acted like he owed me nothing and said the best he could do was 15% off my next order, when I refused to return he then was going to hang up. I asked for a new plate and demanded that they deliver it to my place of employment because not only did I waste 30 minutes waiting on my food, I was now stuck with hair in my food, he then goes to tell me how busy they are and that they will not remake my order, my professional side died then and I had to break it down to him, that if he did not fix the problem I would be contacting health department and BBB, he then said he would send another platter when "he can get to it", I got my COLD/STALE food 40 minutes later via delivery and the guy who delivered it lingered for a tip as if I owed him the money. I took pictures of both platters, and am sad to see there is no way to upload pictures along with my review. Anyways, thats my story, please, save yourself the hassle and possible sickness. DO NOT EAT THERE!!!!
Courtney Arthur
WORST customer service, we got sick, NO REFUND, cops called on us
My fiance and I have been eating here for going on a year now and we thought it was great ... at first. We live outside of where they deliver, but we didn't mind spending the extra money on some items to get it delivered to us. We always tipped them graciously since they delivered so far and the food was always great. Then they started not appreciating our business.. We ordered from them probably 2-3 times a week and always ordered the exact same thing, maybe add some sweet and sour chicken here and there. Eventually, regardless of our business and tips, they didn't pay attention to the fact that we simply didn't want carrots in our food and started taking close to 2 hours to deliver to us instead of the usual 45 minutes. They would get our orders wrong repeatedly, even when my fiance just went to pick it up himself. Tonight, we ordered $45 worth of food and a tip only to get sick. The sushi was spoiled, the gravy was spoiled, and some of the chicken was also spoiled. We tried to return the food with the receipt only to get the cops called on us and turned away. They also have a child working in the building preparing food and wielding knives in order to prepare the sushi, which the cop and the restaurant blatantly disregarded. Needless to say, we will never be eating here again after getting so sick and being treated so poorly in this one night.

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