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Welcome to Foodaroo!
Foodaroo is a community-run site, for the community. Love food? Love dinning out? We created this site to help you find amazing independent and locally owned restaurants in your area. It contains detailed, searchable descriptions including menu scans, pictures, and user reviews!
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Posted by Andy T. Evans on March 5 2012

That’s right! Add 5 or more restaurants from now until the end of April and get a free t-shirt! Read all about it here. 

Posted by Andy T. Evans on February 29 2012

Thats right, you can get a free foodaroo T-Shirt! All you have to do is add 5 restaurants to Foodaroo by the end of March 2012, and I will send you a T-Shirt in what ever size you like. Just login, click the add button, and submit your favorite restaurants. If you have an android phone you can add them right from your phone. To be sure you get enough its a good idea to submit more then 5, as someone else might submit it, just before you and get the credit. Check out the full rules here.

Posted by Andy T. Evans on February 20 2012

While Foodaroo is already local, sometimes you want to search a little more local. To make it easier and quicker to set your home location, vs using the set location page. I have made a few general area web addresses for the regions that have the most restaurants. Just go to one of the following addresses to get your local independent eats in your home area. – South Bend and Mishawaka, IN – Bloomington, IN – Madison, WI – Chicago, IL – All in the database

More will be added as needed, let me know if you want one for your City! Or better yet, add more of the best restaurants in your area and I will just add one!

Posted by Andy T. Evans on February 7 2012

I have cleaned up a few things, and added a few more features to the site over the past week. One of the biggest and most useful would be google maps integration. Now you can see all the restaurants on a zoomable map. Along with that, I also added better distance searching, so if your logged in, or have set your location, you now have the option to search by “Distance”.  This was a feature we had before, but is did not work nearly as well. Also new HTML5 geolocation code has been included, so if your at a restaurant you are adding or setting your location for a search, the site can use your phone or computers location information, saving you from having to enter an address. Another change I made, was making the site more accessible. It should now work better on most smart phones, mobile devices, and screen readers. Additionally a few security improvements finnish up the list. As always contact us, if you have any issues, suggestions or feature requests!

Posted by Andy T. Evans on January 19 2012

Foodaroo now has added a blog. We plan to post on food events, new independent restaurants, and many other food related topics. Expect to see a few new posters and foodies here, sharing with us.

Please let me know if you have an event, new restaurant or anything else you would like us to cover.  Also let me know if you would like to contribute to the blog, we would love to hear from you!

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